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Item Name Honey Pelawan Bangka
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Honey Pelawan (latin: Tristania Mainganyi) This image has a unique flavor with a bitter taste have higher efficacy in comparison with other types of wild honey. The reaction caused after consuming honey-fighting, muscle blood flow and mitigate warm breath work, heart and kidneys as well as stamina is getting noticeably stronger.
Properties that have been proven empirically (Bangka people experience long ago) help cure diseases such as:
  • Increase stamina and immunity
  • Overcome the disorder of the stomach (gastritis) chronic.
  • Treat rheumatism and gout
  • Help treat coughs, colds and sore throats
  • Normalize blood sugar for diabetics
  • Cure asthma, polyps and sinusitis
  • Help treat breast cancer
  • Blood circulation
  • Heal burns.
  • Help cure low blood and high blood
  • Overcome sexual dysfunction in men (impotence)
  • ncreased platelets and help cure malaria fever, typhoid and dengue.
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